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Are you going to mushroom? Don't forget to prepare for nice weather as well.

Are you going to mushroom? Don't forget to prepare for nice weather as well.

When can you go mushroom picking?

Generally speaking, fungi grow almost throughout the year. You can even go for some species during the winter. However, the most interesting period for mushroom pickers is usually from the end of April to the beginning of November.

So you can start the season by collecting spruce mushrooms and blackthorn and end the search for charms. Unfortunately, the collection of spruces is not very widespread in Slovakia, but these are very tasty mushrooms, which are highly valued abroad.

Since you can pick mushrooms almost all year round, you should look at the weather forecast first before you leave. Of course, if it is to rain, your gear and equipment should adapt to this - waterproof clothing, raincoat, rubber boots… But don't forget to protect your personal belongings, documents and your mobile phone. In this regard, it is definitely useful to bring a waterproof case with you.

At the same time, the waterproof case will provide you with protection not only in case of rainy weather, but it will also keep you comfortable even in difficult terrain. This will protect your phone or camera from moisture, mud, dust and other dirt. As you can see, even such a trifle can help you in picking mushrooms. After all, what if you come across a beautiful oak tree in the rain and you want to take a picture of it?


The blackthorn (Mayflower) grows mainly on meadows and on the edges of deciduous forests. It is one of the tastiest mushrooms and is therefore a very popular delicacy. It is characterized by its aroma and firm, fleshy flesh. It is excellent especially for soups. However, be careful not to confuse her with a similar and poisonous silkworm.

Equipment without which you can't do without mushrooms

Autor fotky: Egor Kamelev na Pexels

Of course, the basis is the right clothes. But also pay attention to the quality of the materials. For example, when it comes to socks and underwear, cotton is the best. It absorbs sweat well and you don't feel too hot or cold. The upper part can be, for example, an older flannel shirt. Choose trousers so that they are comfortable to walk on and not too fitted. Otherwise, the shirt has the advantage that in case of heat you can pull it out of your pants and unbutton it.

Don't forget the cap. You should also protect your head, for example from dangerous ticks or annoying insects, which are uneven in every forest. This is also related to the choice of windbreakers and suitable footwear.

Choose a thin and waterproof windbreaker with a hood. In the fall and in cold weather, of course, it should be rougher. In case of extremely bad weather, don't forget the shepherd's cloak - a rubberized, long and half-calf cloak.

Shoes should be light and comfortable. However, in case of more demanding terrain, you should choose vibram type shoes. It is also useful if your shoes reach halfway down your calves, especially because of the ticks already mentioned. And of course, in case of rain, reach for rubber boots.

A must-have knife includes a mushroom knife. It is important that it is sharp and has a blade of about 5-6 cm. Small mushrooms for collecting mushrooms are not suitable. Closing knives are especially ideal. There is also a basket for collecting mushrooms.

Under no circumstances collect mushrooms in plastic bags or plastic bags! In that case, you are complaining about unpleasant stomach problems. The mushrooms are sparing and it's over. The mushroom basket should not be too small, but also not too big so that it does not interfere with movement. The most suitable are those where it can hold about 5 kg of mushrooms.

And last but not least, don't forget that we live in modern times, so why not take advantage of it and make the trip to your mouth a little more varied and easier? We are talking here mainly about mobile accessories and various accessories that will definitely diversify your mushroom picking. Which are they?

Car holders

You can also enjoy the journey to the mushrooms by car. After all, there is nothing worse than a dancing cell phone on the dashboard. Choose a car phone holder that does not limit the visibility of your display and keeps your phone stable even on uneven forest roads.

Power bank

There's nothing worse than running out of your cell phone just when you discover something interesting and want to capture that moment. For example, a beautiful family of oaks. The power bank guarantees that your phone will never run out of juice. It makes sense to choose it with a wireless charger and display.

Selfie stick

And why can't you take a nice selfie photo on the mouthpiece? Best with some decent catch. It is especially useful if you are alone and do not have anyone to help you with photography. The selfie stick is available in various designs, but make sure that the Bluetooth trigger is already included in the package. Otherwise you will have to buy it.

Mobile phone cases

We have already mentioned waterproof cases in our article. However, given that today's mobile phones are very fragile (especially the display), unlike the older ones, the additional mobile phone packaging does not hurt.


In difficult terrain or in case of bad weather, use only a mobile phone cover that also protects your display.


Every trip to nature must be properly prepared. Otherwise, it can turn into a complete disaster. Mushroom picking is no exception. Don't forget the right clothes and shoes that take into account the current weather. Also prepare a suitably sized basket and a pocket knife.

Many people also underestimate such a detail as protecting mobile accessories, which may not always pay off. For a trip to nature, we mainly recommend a mobile phone holder for a car, a waterproof case for valuables, a power bank and a mobile phone cover or cover. Those who like to take pictures and do not take anyone with them on a trip will certainly appreciate the selfie stick.